GLOBE 2020 is the next phase of GLOBE project consisting of two major rigorous studies. Study 1 focuses on the drivers and dynamics of culture change and trust building in societies. Study 2 focuses on the relationship between national culture, leadership and important organizational practices, i.e., cultural influences on leadership with regards to specific HR practices, employee career strategies, attitudes, and performance.

We are now preparing to gather data for Study 1. We will be conducting surveys of 300-500 middle managers, in each of about 136 countries, with the help of Country Co-investigators (CCIs).

Please stay tuned for further updates on GLOBE 2020.

Targeted Countries for GLOBE 2020

GLOBE 2020
A Multiyear Multiphase Multicountry Research Program

Information for Country Co-Investigators (CCIs)


This document broadly outlines the roles, responsibilities and task requirements for Country Co-Investigators (CCIs) who participate in the GLOBE 2020 study on societal culture. The sections below provide general guidelines and an overview for CCIs to be involved in various capacities in the GLOBE 2020 research project.


The current research project is a continuation of over 20 years of collaborative work conducted by the GLOBE research team. In the 1990s, the GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness) project examined the relationships among societal culture, leadership, and organizational practices in collaboration with more than 200 researchers from 62 societies. GLOBE has become one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of its kind in the social sciences. In this phase of GLOBE, we will build on the past two decades of findings and will focus on two important research questions:

  1. To what extent have the cultures of the countries in the original GLOBE study changed? And what are the major societal divers of culture change? To answer this question, we will use the original GLOBE instruments with a few additional questions to survey middle managers in the original GLOBE countries. The figure below shows a simplified theoretical framework driving the research on this question.

    GLOBE 2020 Model of Dynamics of Culture Change
  2. What is the relationship between national culture and trust building dynamics in different countries? We will use a newly designed instrument and conduct surveys in up to 100 countries. The figure below shows a simplified theoretical framework focused on this question.

    GLOBE 2020 Model of Dynamics of Culture Change

    In addition, GLOBE 2020 will collect cultural information from a large number of the countries in Africa and the Middle East that were not part of the original GLOBE study.


The GLOBE research instruments were pilot tested with over 1000 managers in five countries and were finalized in February 2019. Data collection in participating countries will be completed by late 2019.


Principal Investigator

The Principal Investigator (PI) for GLOBE 2020 is Dr. Ali Dastmalchian, Dean and Professor, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Dastmalchian is the current CEO of GLOBE Foundation and has primary responsibility for the intellectual direction of the research and research-related activities, and assumes administrative and financial responsibility for this project. The GLOBE team has already received substantial funding to conduct this research. The project will be headquartered at the Beedie School of Business, SFU.

Principal Co-Investigators

The team has six Principal Co-Investigators. As a team, they will manage the intellectual direction of the research and research-related activities. Professors Carolyn Egri (Simon Fraser University), Richard Cotton (University of Victoria), Peter Dorfman (New Mexico State University, Past CEO of GLOBE Foundation), Amanda Bullough (University of Delaware), Mansour Javidan (Thunderbird School of Global Management and former CEO of GLOBE Foundation), and Mila Lazarova (Simon Fraser University) are the principal co-investigators of GLOBE 2020

Project Director

Project Director for GLOBE 2020 is Dr. Mansour Javidan, Garvin Distinguished Professor and Director of Najafi Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He will manage the required activities to ensure a timely and smooth completion of the project.

Country Co-Investigators (CCIs)

CCI refers to the research collaborators participating in the project from various countries and regions in GLOBE 2020. CCIs play a significant role in the conduct of the on-site research activities such as data collection in their respective regions, participation in instrument design and data analysis, creation of reports, documents, etc., as well as knowledge mobilization efforts in their regions. CCIs collecting data in a country are viewed as the primary researchers representing that country, and will be given the first opportunity to review and update existing GLOBE publications relating to that country.

Research Coordinators

Research Coordinators are post doctorate researchers and PhD students who work under the direction of the Project Director and Principal investigators. Research Coordinators provide support in research coordination and communication, assist in overseeing different teams, support local CCIs, and produce high quality research resources and materials. At present, Dr. Medha Satish Kumar, Natasha Fox, and Dr. Anirban Kar are members of the research coordinating team.


Contributions of the Principal Investigar Team
  • Supervise the intellectual direction of the GLOBE 2020 Project.

  • Meet at least 4 times each year (in person or virtually) for 2 to 3 days for think-tank type activities. Think-tanks serve as a platform for points of knowledge creation through intellectual dialogue. Through the think-tanks, the team will share research development and findings through presentations and panel discussions, inviting feedback from our targeted audiences and creating research synergy. They will share information as well as learn from each other, inform research design and decisions, and develop strategic models that are impactful to diverse audience members.

  • Develop yearly plans and research models and identify priorities for other research activities.

  • Oversee the development of measurement instruments and psychometric and statistical methodologies.

  • Oversee the data collection efforts of various teams and collaborate with CCIs by keeping an open channel of communication with different participants.

  • Develop conference proposals during the course of this project to reach out to various audiences for feedback and to share findings of the research study.

  • Oversee data analysis and produce summaries of research findings.

  • Collaborate in preparing journal articles, conference publications and book chapters based on the findings of this project.

  • Oversee knowledge mobilization activities other than publications such as development and delivery of practitioner-oriented workshops, course curriculums and updates, educational/training plans, etc.

Expected CCI Contributions
GLOBE 2020 CCIs are expected to make the following contributions:
  • Review the created instruments and provide feedback.

  • Manage translation and back translation of the instruments in the language of their countries.

  • Participate in virtual meetings with the principal investigators team to share ideas, questions, concerns, and to receive updates.

  • Find research participants in their country. Criteria and procedure for procuring research participants will be provided by the principal investigator team.

  • Manage timely data collection in the countries they represent. In most cases, data will be collected via internet-based surveys. In countries where this is not possible, we will use other means such as paper and pencil surveys.

  • Help in the creation of the relevant databases regarding their countries.

  • Participate in virtual meetings to exchange ideas on the results of surveys.

  • Provide interpretation of results that pertain to their specific country and to the overall meaningfulness of the project.


Ownership of Data

All data will be collected and housed on the servers at Simon Fraser University, Canada, for the duration of the project. The collected data in each country are co-owned by GLOBE Foundation and the country CCI who collected the data during the period when four major overall GLOBE papers are in the process of being published. All CCIs will be co-authors of these four papers. Upon publication of these papers, each CCI will have the opportunity to publish using their own country data. CCIs may collect additional data that may be aligned with their own research agenda during the data collection for GLOBE 2020. This additional information can be stored on GLOBE servers and will be owned by those CCIs.

Other papers/sub-projects may be proposed by Principal Investigators and CCIs upon the publication of the above major articles. These may include specific regions (e.g. MENA, Asia) or specific variables across countries. Principal Investigators and CCIs with paper proposals should communicate these ideas to GLOBE Principal Investigators so that they can then be made aware of individual projects to support project differentiation and to communicate to other potential co-authors depending on the data that will be utilized. The GLOBE project team will likely be highly supportive of the development of these papers/sub-projects which would include conducting analyses of multi-country data. Lastly, to protect CCIs' ownership of their own country data, multiple country datasets will not be distributed to other CCIs or third parties.

Authorship Credits

As discussed above, four ‘key papers’ will be published in two years after completion of the GLOBE 2020 data collection. These papers will be published jointly with all the participants including Principal Investigators, CCIs and research assistants involved in the project.

Authorship credits for the jointly published papers (key papers and other papers/sub-projects) will be determined in accordance to academic standards of contributions made by the members and then, alphabetically.

Other papers/sub-projects may be proposed by Principal Investigators and CCIs. These may include specific regions (e.g. MENA, Asia) or specific variables. The authorship credits for these papers will be negotiated by the collaborators involved in these sub-projects and will adhere to academic standards and customs.


The principal investigator and co-investigators acknowledge and agree to the importance of publishing articles in top rated academic journals and other venues. The data collected and analyzed will be kept confidential until it is published. The ‘key papers’ that are slated for publication in top journals will involve all research team members (including CCIs) as authors. Any independent research projects using the data collected through GLOBE have to follow the ‘key papers’ which will be readied and submitted to journals.

Timelines and compliance

Duration of the project – The GLOBE 2020 project data collection will be completed by late 2019. Manuscripts for the four key papers will be submitted by early 2021.

Compliance – CCIs are responsible to ensure data collection ethics are appropriately followed. The GLOBE 2020 project housed at SFU has been cleared by the SFU ethics review board. This document may be shared with the CCIs for ethics review and compliance at their institutions/their files. The Principal Investigators and CCIs agree to share processes, best practices and provide resources for effective data collection.


Dr. Ali Dastmalchian – Principal Investigator
Professor and Dean
Beedie School of Business
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive, B.C. Canada V5A 1S6
Mansour Javidan-Project Director
Garvin Distinguished Professor
Thunderbird School of Management
1 Global Place Glendale, AZ 85306-3216
Natasha Fox
Project Coordinator
GLOBE project
Medha Satish Kumar
Research Coordinator
GLOBE project
Anirban Kar
Beedie School of Management
Simon Fraser University, Canada
Amanda Bullough
Assistant professor
University of Delaware
Newark, DE; 19716, USA
Carolyn Egri
Beedie School of Business
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive, Burnaby BC, V5A 1S6
Mila Lazarova
Associate Professor
Beedie School of Business
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive, Burnaby BC, V5A 1S6
Peter Dorfman
Professor Emeritus
New Mexico State University
1780 E University Ave, Las Cruces, NM 88003, USA
Rick Cotton
Associate Professor
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria
Box 1700 Stn. CSC Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V8W 2Y2


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