Frequently Asked Questions about GLOBE 2020

This page is dedicated to addressing the questions and concerns that CCIs have raised in the process of building in-country teams, gathering data, communicating with respondents, and other ongoing tasks as a part of GLOBE 2020. We invite you to view the information below in the hopes that you may learn more about how to improve your performance as a CCI, and benefit from the expertise of others engaged in GLOBE 2020 around the world. In addition to the info contained here, we also invite you to access the CCI Handbook, which contains a wealth of information for GLOBE 2020 CCIs. Lastly, if you have information or experiences that you think may come in handy for other CCIs, we encourage you to share these with us at so that we can pass along your insights to other GLOBE 2020 CCIs.

We are very grateful for the interest we have received from people around the world who wish to contribute to GLOBE 2020. Thank you for your offers of support! At this time we have over 300 researchers engaged in collecting data in over 150 countries. To determine whether you can contribute in one of these places, we invite you to visit and view our interactive map of the project.

Not at this time. Partial research funding for GLOBE 2020 has been obtained from Canadian government’s  Social Science & Humanities Research Council  (SSHRC) through a highly competitive application and review process. Our limited funds are reserved for administrative continuity to ensure that this complex, multi-stage, multi-year project can continue into the future. This includes a very limited number of research assistants and Post-Docs who can assist in the planning, development, data cleaning and other ongoing administrative tasks required to keep this project running, as well as expenses associated with the use of the Qualtrics platform. In special circumstances an extremely limited amount of funding may be provided to assist with data collection in more disadvantaged countries where internal resources are particularly scarce.

There are many ways to motivate respondents to participate. Some of these have been suggested by our CCIs who have generously shared their experiences to support other CCIs. You may find these suggestions helpful.

If you are looking for sources of managerial respondents, you could contact:

  • University Alumni groups or mentor groups
  • Current EMBA or part time MBA courses
  • Qualified students in on line courses
  • University career centers
  • Private or public companies in your area having large numbers of managers
  • Alumni networks of other universities in your country (e.g., via email lists or social media groups like those found on Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Networks of faculty for other courses in your university, particularly those courses that tend to attract managers
  • Colleagues in person, over email or via social media to encourage them to engage their networks to share your survey with their class(es) and/or organizations and/or managerial colleagues
  • Outlets serving those in HR organizations/ associations, professional organizations/associations, or executive education programs in order to place a targeted ad to solicit survey respondents
  • Your own or other schools’ web masters to post targeted ads soliciting participation
  • Local or regional chambers of commerce
  • Other groups that are unique to your region that may have managers as members (e.g., Toastmasters groups, organizations providing professional development, certification and/or leadership programs, etc.)
  • Your university deans. They often have good contacts in the industry and can help link you together. We are pleased to write a letter of appreciation, recognizing your work and contribution to the GLOBE study to your Dean if it helps.

Yes, but only after we take a number of steps. The GLOBE 2020 study is ongoing and data collection has not been completed. Upon completion of GLOBE data collection in all countries, each CCI will receive a GLOBE approved and finalized copy of their own country data.Please read more about the ownership of data in the GLOBE 2020 CCI Handbook.

The following are steps you can take to increase the number of respondents in your country:

  • Emphasize to the respondent that they will get a personalized ideal leadership profile at the end of the survey. This may be useful information for enhancing cross-cultural communication and their career success.

  • For companies that that have a multi-country or global presence, you can highlight how the GLOBE 2020 study offers information on diverse workforces that could be useful for their HRM planning and strategy, employee development or business development. Organizations may be motivated to support data collection if they understand how the survey findings on leadership and cultural dimensions may be useful for them.

  • You can also share aggregate company level information on the ideal leadership profile of the managers in participating organizations. This might help them manage their employees better and more effectively. If you want to do this, we will need to include a company code in the survey.

  • Highlight to the participating managers how important their survey responses potentially will be in enhancing cross-cultural communication and understanding. Suggest that they are playing an important role in informing the rest of the world about their society and values.

  • Share information about previous and current GLOBE projects through the GLOBE website ( so respondents can see how impactful GLOBE research has been. Have fun and use the very friendly GLOBE visualizations on the website to show how countries differ on GLOBE indices.  Talk about the new thrust of investigating how trust differs across countries and how we come to trust new colleagues.

  • Highlight that the survey is easily accessed and that respondents can take the survey in the comfort of their home or on the go using online devices including phones and tablets etc.

  • Several CCIs with local funding have used Qualtrics/ other panel providers to collect data. If this is available to you, you can consider using the same. Preparing a Qualtrics or other respondent panel can be a complex process and therefore please allow a few weeks to set up these panels of respondents.

  • You could solicit the help of your students in a research methods or statistics class to collect data. We can then share back demographic information that will enable the students to enhance their learning of statistical methods and data analysis techniques.

Please send us ( the following redirect links from your panel provider:

  1. Complete redirect links for those who complete the surveys.

  2. Screen out redirect links for those who do not qualify to fill out the survey, including the conditions for not qualifying (e.g., non-manager, non-resident of the country, etc.)

  3. Quota full redirect links in case you would like to restrict the number of respondents; in such a case please let us know about the quota.

Please note that in case you are gathering data through panel providers we will make it mandatory to answer each question on the survey. This is considering that you will pay the panel provider.

Further information on the process of integration is available here: We will integrate the redirect links of the panel providers into the GLOBE 2020 survey link that will be customized for you.