Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, USA

The GLOBE Anglo cluster is comprised of Australia, Canada (English speaking), New Zealand, Ireland, England, South Africa (White sample), and the United States of America. The societies belonging to this cluster reflect relatively high scores of the societal cultural practices dimension of Performance Orientation. Countries in this cluster reward high performance and value competitiveness. On the cultural dimension of In-Group Collectivism the cluster is relatively low compared to other clusters, signifying its well-known propensity for individualistic behavior. The Institutional Collectivism score is medium, but it is higher than the average among other clusters. This dimension reflects a society’s more collective distribution of resources and the importance of group cohesion. The other societal culture dimensions including Assertiveness, Future Orientation, Uncertainty Avoidance and Humane Orientation are rated in the middle range )for these cultural practices). Power Distance, or the degree to which the community accepts and endorses authority, power differentials, status privileges, and social inequality, is also rated in the middle range, although it is relatively low compared to the average of the country clusters. These results indicate that Anglo societies are traditionally performance oriented with limited cohesiveness within organizations or families. It is male dominated, as are all societies, but average in comparison to the other country clusters. The acceptance of power differences and status privileges is on the low end compared to the average among country clusters.

As for societal values (indicating a society’s belief as to what should be), the Anglo cluster desires much more Performance Orientation, Humane Orientation, Future Orientation, Gender Egalitarianism, and In-Group Collectivism. In fact, in comparison to other culture clusters, it is among the highest cluster desiring more gender equity. While its desire for Institutional Collectivism (i.e., collective efforts and distribution of resources) is on par with what presently exists, it is in the lower range in comparison to other clusters. It also desires less Uncertainty Avoidance indicating a wish for less rules and procedures to reduce uncertainty in events. These results reveal that Anglo societies would ideally like to see a trend toward greater gender equality, less power stratification and more future and higher performance orientation. Countries in this cluster also desire a more humane society.

In the Anglo cluster, leadership dimensions viewed as contributing the most to outstanding leadership include Charismatic/Value-Based, Team-Oriented, and Participative Leadership. The Charismatic/Value-Based score of the Anglo cluster is the highest of all of the GLOBE clusters. It should be clarified that the GLOBE endorsement of charismatic leadership reflects a leader who creates a desirable and realistic vision, who has high performance expectations, is decisive, and has high integrity. Interestingly, the endorsement of Participative Leadership Dimension score is among the higher end of the ranks for the clusters. This indicates that in general, leaders in this country cluster are likely to encourage employees to contribute to decision making and implementation. Humane-Oriented Leadership, on the other hand, is only considered a moderate facilitator of outstanding leadership but its score is actually higher than the average cluster score among all clusters. Regarding the other dimensions, the Autonomous Leadership score reflects a general neutral view of autonomous leadership and is roughly average in comparison to other cluster rankings. The Anglo societies view Self- Protective behaviors among leaders negatively, and the cluster is ranked very low on Self-Protective leadership. This indicates that status conscious, face-saving, and self-centered attributes are believed to strongly inhibit outstanding leadership. Overall, the rankings indicate that an outstanding leader for this cluster would be one who is highly charismatic, team oriented and participative, and is able to provide inspiration, vision, and encouragement of high performance while creating outstanding teams. It is important for leaders in this cluster to value freedom, delegate responsibility, and include all relevant parties in the decision-making process.

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